Frequently Asked Questions

What is SYP useful for?

With SYP, you can places locations on a map, and add to them an image, a caption, and a text. This allow for example, to present your holidays or travels pictures, to promote interesting places in your area, to show different places of a convention, or prepare a hunt game. So, SYP can have many different usages.

I want to use it. How do I need to do?

SYP is a web CMS. It means a system to install and update a website. To use it, you need first to get a web hosting service. It must support php5 and a database. You must then download SYP, uncompress it and send it to your website. Then, follow instructions in README.txt.

I can do that with Google Maps already (or XYZ)!

May be, but I prefer to have my photos on my own site. So, I can keep all my intellectual property rights (that's often not true when putting them on a big commercial site). This also allows me to be independent from big companies.

Also, if you want to limit access to your site, or want to change its address, or integrate SYP into another site, or anything else, you don't need to read dozens of pages of terms of use to know if you have the right to do it: with SYP, you have the right to do it!

And last, I prefer using free software.

I known some people would prefer pictures to display near the marker or in another corner instead of bottom-right corner. So, it's possible for SYP administrator to decide this an a per-site basis. Theres is a setting available in settings file.

I don't like the icon marker (blue diamond)

If you want to change icone used to display markers, you can replace media/marker-normal.png and media/marker-selected.png. marker-selected.png is used for a selected marker (green diamond by default).