Show Your Places

screenshoot of syp

Show Your Places (SYP) is a web CMS whose goal is to manage a pictures or photos collection with geographic location. The website shows a map with markers matching picture locations. When selecting a marker, visitors can see image and its description. You can install it on your site if you want to show photos of your travels, interesting places in your area, or anything that involves connecting pictures and locations. It's not mandatory to set an image for each marker; so if you like, you can just use SYP to show places and their description. SYP uses openstreetmap for its map.


You can try demo to see how it works. A demo of admin interface is also available. (User is admin; password is toto).

Download and install

To install SYP, download and uncompress archive. Then transfer its content to your website. Then, you'll have to follow instructions in README.txt file.

SYP is a young project and many functionalities are not implemented yet. Nevertheless, it seems to works correctly. If you encounter problems when installing or using it, feel free to contact me (see below) or report a bug.

Development version

Current development version is available in a git repository. You can get it with following command:

git clone

You can also browse repository. Development versions are available for testing purpose. They should be interesting for testers, developers, and inquiring people.


SYP is licensed under the modified bsd license.


If you have any question about SYP, first check if it's not answered in the FAQ. If it's not, feel free to contact me (see below).


If you wish to contact me about SYP, feel free to send me a mail or use contact form. You can also use bugtracker to report a bug or ask for a new feature. I'm very interested in your suggestions, bug reports, and comments about SYP.